RSNA: RamSoft releases new RIS/PACS version
RamSoft (Booth 600) is launching version 4.7 of its PowerServer RIS/PACS at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference in Chicago this month.

The following features are included with the PowerServer 4.7:
  • Critical test results management: Allows radiologists to flag critical studies and manage them through a worklist.
  • Document viewer scanning, drag and drop, and PDF conversion: Allows users to scan into the document viewer, drag and drop from Microsoft Outlook or Explorer and convert JPGs and BMPs to PDFs when dropped into the viewer.
  • Online order placement (referring physician portal): Allows referring physicians to request orders through the physician portal.
  • Alert popup to notify of new studies: A new popup alert will display in a configurable location of the desktop each time an alerted study occurs.
  • SUV Probing: Added standardized uptake value (SUV) display to the probe tool for PET images.
  • Capping relevant prior pre-fetching: Configurable setting which limits the number of priors fetched for a current study.
  • Saving AU object along with report when using Dragon: Dictation files can now be saved along with the reports until the report is signed.