RSNA: Siemens CT offerings spotlight radiation dose reduction method
Siemens Healthcare debuted its Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space (IRIS), a correction loop, iterative reconstruction tool for the CT image generation process, at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America in Chicago earlier this month.

IRIS helps overcome processing of theoretical iterative reconstruction, according to the company. In addition, IRIS maintains a normal image impression solving the challenge of early statistical approaches.

Siemens anticipates availability of IRIS in early 2010 on its dual source and Definition scanners.

The company also demonstrated low dose and fast speed, in conjunction with new Somatom Definition Flash dual-source CT scanner, which requires less radiation dose than systems previously required to scan small anatomical details. The scanning speed of up to 45 cm/s and a temporal resolution of 75 ms enable complete scans of the entire chest region in just 0.6 seconds.

The company also showed Definition AS 20. The AS 20 platform provides flexibility and is upgradeable from 20 to 128 slices.