RSNA: Siemens previews panoply of products
Siemens Healthcare (Booth 825) will showcase a variety of modality technologies, including angiography, advanced visualization, women’s health, molecular imaging and ultrasound at this year’s Radiological of Society of North America (RSNA) conference in Chicago.

The Malvern, Pa.-based company is highlighting its Artis zee C-arm family that is available in a variety of configurations--from ceiling-mounted to biplane to the Artis zeego with robotic-assisted positioning capability for interventions in both radiology and the OR environment.

The company also will showcase its DR system, Ysio. The device's wireless detector handles like a cassette and can be removed from the table and placed underneath or next to the patient for exposures that are difficult to take using a fixed detector, the firm said.

Siemens will be displaying new capabilities of an advanced visualization offering with its PACS. The solution, which is pending FDA 510(k) review, will combine 2D, 3D and 4D reading capabilities. The system features case-specific reading; for example, based on clinical images, it will know when to call up 2D, 3D or 4D applications. It also remembers users’ preferences and sorts images accordingly, Siemens said.

The company is also demonstrating MammoTest, a digital prone table biopsy system. Mammotest features a breast aperture of 11 inches, a polar coordinate system with +/- 1mm targeting, and a “Target on Scout" capability that can be used for targeting and confirming needle tip location, Siemens said. The table design features a rotating gantry, as well as a lateral arm that offers 360-degree patient and lesion access.

In the molecular imaging realm, Siemens will demonstrate its Biograph mCT. The Biograph mCT is an integrated time-of-flight technology PET and CT system available in up to 128-slice configurations. Siemens also will preview, a client-server product for SPECT and SPECT/CT. allows facilities that require reading from multiple locations to easily share and access patient imaging data, according to the firm. Siemens said the system is pending FDA 510(k) approval and is not yet commercially available in the U.S.

Siemens will also be highlighting the new release of its Acuson S2000 ultrasound platform featuring updates in acoustic radiation force imaging (ARFI), contrast imaging, new volume applications for OB/GYN and an automated breast volume scanner.