RSNA: Siemens showcases portfolio of womens health products
Siemens Healthcare highlighted its women’s health portfolio, featuring its integrated mammography workstation, digital biopsy system, ultrasound and digital mammography at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual conference last week.

Siemens showcased its syngo MammoReport, a new mammography reporting workstation that provides efficient reading and includes 2D ultrasound and MR images in the decision-making process. From the end of 2009 onwards, syngo MammoReport is adapting to new applications in breast imaging, by including the ABVS Workplace for the diagnosis of 3D ultrasound images. With this solution, one workstation is required for breast diagnosis, allowing a comparison of 3D ultrasound and mammography images.

Siemens also highlighted MammoTest, a digital prone table biopsy system with an 11-inch breast aperture, designed for visualizing small microcalcifications, diagnosing masses and suspicious lesions. Its polar coordinate system offers an unobstructed view to needle/lesion with positioning and “Target on Scout” capability, according to the company. Scout View can be used for targeting and confirming needle tip location. With MammoTest, the patient always rests in a more comfortable prone position. The large aperture lets the breast and axilla fall away from the chest, offering unobstructed access to the region of interest. The table design with a rotating gantry and lateral arm offer 360 degrees patient and lesion access.

Siemens unveiled automated volume breast ultrasound with the Acuson S2000 ABVS, which takes operator dependence and variability out of breast ultrasound. It acquires ultrasound breast volumes, including the coronal view to increase diagnostic confidence. Semi-automated reporting and comprehensive BI-RADS reporting capabilities enhance the clinical workflow. The system allows a tech rather than a sonographer to perform the exam, Siemens said.

Another new offering is the Acuson X300 ultrasound system, premium edition– Women’s Imaging. Like the Acuson S2000, the X300 offers a spectrum of applications designed to optimize workflow for the requirements in maternal-fetal medicine, as well as routine clinical environments.

Finally, the company showed the Mammomat Inspiration full-field digital mammography system. With a new detector design to support tomosynthesis, the system also saves space by eliminating the generator cabinet and offers biopsy capability. Mammomat is available worldwide with the exception of the U.S., due to pending FDA approval.