RTI Electronics
RTI's CT-SD16 CT Slice Detector used with the Piranha x-ray multimeter  
RTI Electronics (Booth 5610) is highlighting a new simple method for measuring CT Dose Index (CTDI) on multidetector CT scanners. The One Shot method, along with other improvements, is included in the new release of the CT Dose Profile Analyzer software, used exclusively with the CT Slice Detector from RTI. This method saves time and avoids needless exposures in the QA procedure. Only one exposure is required to obtain the CT Dose Index. The CT Dose Profile Analyzer software analyses the CT dose profile and indicates how much more dose is given in modern multidetector CTs, compared with the traditional CTDI100 measured with a CT pencil ion chamber. The resulting analysis is of great importance due to increasing dose contribution to the population coming from CT examinations.   

The CT Slice Detector, CT-SD16, is used with the Piranha or Barracuda x-ray multimeters and is controlled by the CT Dose Profile Analyzer software. This RTI software provides evaluation of CT dose profile, CT dose, CTDI, CTDIvol, CTDIw, DLP, AEC and tube current variations. The probe is robust and fits into standard phantoms used for CTDI measurements.