Saskatchewanians to receive PET/CT by 2012
Canada’s national government and the provincial government of Saskatchewan will combine funding to provide the province with its first PET/CT scanner as well as a cyclotron to supply the program’s isotopes and conduct research.

Currently, Saskatchewanians referred for PET/CT are required to travel to either Edmonton or Winnipeg for the exams, on the provincial government’s tab. The PET/CT system, which will be affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan, is expected to be up and running by 2013 and will accommodate 2,000 patients per year.

On March 7, the Government of Canada announced that it would invest $7 million CAD ($7.2 million USD), with the Government of Saskatchewan promising $10 million CAD ($10.3 million USD) for the development of a cyclotron to provide isotopes for PET/CT as well as research into the production of technetium-99.

The Saskatchewanian Government will supply $4 million CAD of the necessary $6 million CAD ($6.2 million USD) for the clinical PET/CT program. Saskatoon Health Region’s Royal University Hospital Foundation has committed to raising the remaining $2 million.