Seno allies with VisualSonics for small animal preclinical imaging technology

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Seno Medical Instruments has signed an official licensing agreement with VisualSonics, a provider of preclinical high-frequency ultrasound, for the exclusive rights to Seno’s Opto-Acoustic small animal imaging preclinical technology.

The San Antonio-based Seno said its small animal preclinical opto-acoustic technology is designed to enable researchers to non-invasively detect and monitor biological structures, functions and processes at the cellular and molecular level. The company said it received a $2 million investment from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, and is also supported by investors from the medical communities.

As a result of the agreement, the Toronto-based VisualSonics said it will be able to embed Seno’s opto-acoustic technology in their next generation of high-frequency ultrasound platforms and thus extend its molecular imaging capability to the sub-cellular level. The combination will drive the new molecular imaging utility for the next generation of small animal imaging with the Vevo platform, according to Seno.