Sevocity, SecureCare team to ease EHR integration
Sevocity and SecureCare Technologies have entered a partnership to eliminate the initial costs and behavioral burdens of implementing an EHR system for healthcare providers. 

Through the partnership, Sevocity, a San Antonio-based EHR vendor, will offer the Austin-based SecureCare Technologies’ product, Sfax, an electronic fax record for healthcare, to its customer base of 250 physicians. 

With the addition of Sfax, customers no longer have to scan or process faxed documents except electronically through Sfax, which saves them up to 95 percent of the time and up to 80 percent of the costs over manual faxing methods, according to Sevocity.

Sevocity is a web-based electronic charting system that enables physicians to document patient encounters, allowing access to the records in real time from anywhere with an internet connection.  Similarly, Sfax is offered in the popular delivery model of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), allowing users to implement it online within a healthcare enterprise, according to both companies.