SG&A announces PACS training with clinical, IT tracks

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SG&A Consultants Inc. recently announced the first course in PACS administration which pinpoints course content to match registrants' backgrounds with a goal of boosting the effectiveness of the education. 

Pre-course evaluations are performed to divide registrants with more clinical expertise and experience, from those with more previous experience in IT-related proficiencies.

Following this process, the two study channels then provide content intended to enhance the participant's knowledge in the areas in which they lack exposure. For example, IT specialists will be provided with more content on clinical applications, modalities and image quality, and the workings of the radiology department. For the clinical specialist, there will be more focus on infrastructure, digital imaging and informatics principles, implementations and current technology, SG&A said.

"As SCAR's Certification program materializes, it will become increasingly important for continuing education programs to adopt novel approaches such as background-specific channels and Extended Learning Experiences [pre- and post-course guided study] to increase the effectiveness of short-term education for those PACS administrators who have acquired their skills and knowledge primarily on-the-job," said Len Avecilla, director, Continuing Medical Education, SG&A.