SGI technology able to speed application performance

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Silicon Graphics has unveiled an advanced hardware solution based on SGI Reconfigurable Application-Specific Computing (RASC) technology capable of increasing application performance by hundreds of times over conventional systems, the company said.
"SGI's RASC technology offers HPC users a cost-effective way to achieve substantial application performance gains," said Dave Parry, senior vice president and general manager, Server and Platform Group, SGI.
SGI RASC is designed as scalable technology that can boost performance in bandwidth for data-intensive applications critical a number of industries including medical imaging and other data-dependent industries. Available now, the new reconfigurable computing technology is available as an add-in module that operates with SGI's Intel Itanium 2 processor-based servers and visualization systems.
These data-intensive applications typically run a core set of computing routines, or algorithms, which often consume a majority of total compute time. Yet, SGI's RASC has been constructed to overcome these challenges by easing the implementation of FPGA technology, making dramatic application performance enhancements available to a larger variety of customers.

These capabilities allow RASC-enhanced instances of SGI ltix servers and Silicon Graphics Prism visualization systems to speed computationally intensive applications by hundreds of times over non-optimized systems, the company said.