Sheffield develops new nuclear imaging technology
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STH) in South Yorkshire, England, has developed technology that will allow clinicians to manipulate and view nuclear medicine images on computers around the world.

JVIEW was originally developed by Peter Metherall, PhD, and the STH medical physics team in response to clinicians.

With the new technology, clinicians can access images and reports at any PC terminal across and securely outside of the trust. The software allows different types of information, images and reports to be reviewed remotely which is not possible with other imaging software, Metherall said.

Link Medical in Hampshire, England, a supplier of image processing software for nuclear medicine, has taken a license to sell and further develop the system. The deal was brokered by Medipex, the NHS hub for the Yorkshire and Humber regions of England.

The company’s technical director, Matthew Westmore, MD, said that since nuclear medicine falls outside the PACS program, the system will solve many problems that are currently not being addressed by the country’s National Program for IT.

The system will be officially launched May 12 at the British Nuclear Medicine Society spring meeting.