Shimadzu launches mobile digital radiography system
Shimadzu has introduced a new mobile digital radiography system, the MobiteDaRt Evolution, for use in North America.  

The company said its ergonomic MobiteDaRt Evolution is designed for use in emergency and trauma departments. The system is also designed to be used without electric cabling.

According to the Torrance, Calif.-based Shimadzu, the other new features include:
  • A 32kW generator with l33kV top end;
  • A keyless system turn-on using number keypads;
  • A 15-inch LCD touchscreen;
  • Image verification in three seconds after exposure;
  • The ability to score 3,500 images;
  • Wireless image transmission to a PACS and wireless receipt of RIS worklists using a hospital’s wireless network;
  • 144 preprogrammed APR station capability; and
  • New noise reduction features.