Siemens adds to fluoroscopy and digital radiography system
Siemens Healthcare highlighted three new components to AXIOM Luminos dRF at the 94th annual meeting Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.  

New functionality for AXIOM Luminos dRF, a fully digital 2-in-1 solution with a dynamic flat detector for remote controlled fluoroscopy and digital radiography, Siemens said. The enhancements include the first-to-market wireless detector, a ceiling-mounted x-ray tube and new wall stand. In combination, the enhancements increase the range of examinations the system can support.
The wireless detector brings the speed and efficiency of a flat detector to the same coverage area as a 14- x 17-inch cassette, so users can freely perform exposures anywhere in the room with images available within five seconds. The new ceiling-mounted x-ray tube enhances workflow with a color touchscreen user interface, on the tube housing, where users can control the system without having to leave the patient’s side to save time and dose. A new wall stand combines the wireless detector with classical operating features such as synchronized movement, portrait or landscape selection and left- or right-hand detector access.