Siemens and Partners HealthCare explore new service-oriented health IT architecture
Siemens Medical Solutions and Partners HealthCare, which have a long-standing research and development relationship focusing on the advancement of medical technology, are exploring the possibility of collaboratively developing a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for healthcare IT.

Siemens and Partners said they are how their respective areas of expertise could jointly develop clinical services within the Soarian SOA platform.

Siemens has been developing SOA, a flexible architectural design strategy that is being deployed across its Soarian suite of applications. SOA delivers the capability to individually extend, reuse and access services — software components that implement a business task or process. Orchestrating these services into complex business processes helps deliver the benefits of healthcare process management throughout an organization, Siemens said.

Soarian is built to address growing pressure within the industry to embrace interoperability and integration of technology and knowledge, within the framework of initiatives like pay-for-performance, Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs), personal health records (PHRs) and the electronic health record (EHR). There is a call for a completely new approach to the development of solutions, including the evolution of SOA, Siemens said.