Siemens becomes majority stakeholder in Mochida Siemens Medical Systems
Today, Mochida Pharmaceutical transferred 16 percent of its outstanding shares in Mochida Siemens Medical Systems to Siemens K.K. Japan, making Siemens K.K. a 51 percent equity stakeholder of their previous joint venture.

As a result of the transfer, Mochida Siemens Medical Systems will become a fully consolidated subsidiary of Siemens and an equity-consolidated affiliate of Mochida Pharmaceutical.

The previous joint venture's current president and representative director, Shuichi Ishii, will retain his position and take on additional responsibilities as its chief operating officer. Holger Klotz, the current managing director and CEO of Mobisphere, a Siemens and NEC joint venture, will join the management team as CEO, chairman and representative director.

Since its formation in 2004, the joint venture Mochida Siemens Medical Systems has expanded its business into the Japanese diagnostic ultrasound market, especially in the obstetrics and gynecology markets.