Siemens begins shipping 4D imaging technology for Antares

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Siemens Medical Solutions commenced shipments of its new fourSight 4D (four-dimensional) ultrasound imaging technology on Sonoline Antares ultrasound systems. The Antares system, with the combination of 3-Scape real-time 3D imaging and fourSight 4D imaging technologies, provides physicians access to both free-hand 3D and 4D imaging to accommodate a range of clinical applications, including obstetrics, abdominal and vascular imaging.

The fourSight 4D capabilities on the Antares ultrasound system feature two 4D transducers with MultiHertz multiple frequency imaging for greater sensitivity and imaging bandwidth. In addition, the technology incorporates a complete set of 3D and 4D imaging features, including flexible image formats that enable a one-to-one, two-to-one, or four-to-one display to facilitate surface rendering, simultaneous dynamic acquisition and display of high-resolution imaging. Features also include real-time multi-planar reconstruction and real-time volume rendering, as well as volume editing, data storage and retrieval with DIMAQ-IP study management programs.

According to Siemens, the 4D imaging capabilities are being demonstrated to the medical imaging community this summer during the company's "New Visions in Ultrasound" 11-city symposium tour throughout the United States.