Siemens brings new 3MP color display built for hybrid imaging
Siemens Energy & Automation announced the release of the SCD 21310 3MP at RSNA 2006 in Chicago. This new color flat panel display has been designed with a high level of brightness and contrast for both color and grayscale medical imaging applications.

The SCD 21310 features all the elements of Siemens' fully automated stability system for DICOM compliance including: an integrated Stability System (ISS) sensor; embedded DICOM-compliant look-up tables; and compatibility with Siemens quality assurance software SMfit ACT

The SCD 21310 is characterized and calibrated at the factory using high-precision instruments to ensure an optimized response and consistent image quality for every display. With five internal look-up tables and automatic calibration to a calculated luminance level, the SCD 21310 can be easily adapted to any reading environment.

Calibration data is stored directly in all Siemens displays, so there is no need to recalibrate the SCD 21310 when workstations, graphics controllers or other components are replaced, or when the display's location or ambient lighting is changed, the company said.

The use of open standard video communication also gives the user more freedom when selecting display controllers, allowing use of non-proprietary graphics cards, the company said.