Siemens buys BD patient identification system
Siemens Medical Solutions has completed its acquisition of the Patient Identification System for managing the specimen collection process which was owned by BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company).

According to Siemens, the acquisition has been made to further reinforce its emphasis on safety, quality and efficiency in the specimen collection process as it seeks to expand its newly-established presence in the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market.

The system is designed to streamline and reduce the potential for error in the collection of blood, urine or other samples from patients by helping to confirm that the correct specimen is collected from the right patient.

With this patient identification system, mislabeling is avoided by both printing and applying specimen labels in the presence of the patient. Unlike other patient identification systems for specimen management, the system acquired from BD not only matches the patient to the test order and sample to collect, it also links the evacuated specimen tube type to the test ordered. In that way, the system helps to confirm that the appropriate specimen container is chosen, allowing the specimen to be correctly analyzed.

"Many adverse events can be prevented by using clinical information technology. The built-in checks and balances of positive patient identification, computerized physician order entry, and bar code and point-of-care technologies have proven to be effective tools in the detection and prevention of medical errors," said Janet Dillione, president, Health Services, Siemens Medical Solutions Healthcare Information Technology Division. "The patient identification system from BD, together with Siemens' Med Administration Check, provides Siemens customers with an additional point-of-care technology to further the goal of connecting positive patient identifiers to everything that is given to or taken from a patient at the bedside."

The system safeguards specimen collection and management by pairing sophisticated software with bedside bar-coding technology.