Siemens debuts Somatom Definition Flash dual-source CT
Siemens Healthcare debuted its new Somatom Definition Flash dual-source CT scanner at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.

The company said its Somatom Definition Flash features two x-ray tubes that simultaneously revolve around the patient’s body. The system scans the chest region in 0.6 seconds, eliminating the need for a breath hold during the study. The scanner makes it possible for physicians to reliably display a heart with a fast pulse or an irregular heartbeat without using beta blockers. Somatom Definition Flash operates at a reduced radiation dose with a spiral heart scan performed with less than 1 millisievert.

In addition to subsecond thorax scanning, Siemens said its Somatom Definition Flash performs whole-body scans, decreasing acquisition time to a matter of seconds. The scan speed can cover areas measuring up to 48 cm with 4D imaging.

The second-generation Dual Energy imaging system’s new selective photon shield blocks unnecessary parts of the energy spectrum to provide improved separation of the two simultaneous scans with low and high photon energy. The Somatom Definition Flash provides a double contrast that can be used to classify the chemical composition of tissues via a CT scan in routine daily work, according to Siemens.
The company said that the X-Care application reduces the radiation exposure of dose-sensitive anatomical regions by switching the x-ray tube assemblies off during the rotation phase in which the anatomical regions concerned are directly exposed to radiation. X-Care makes it possible to reduce the radiation exposure of individual anatomical regions.

Furthermore, Siemens said its adaptive dose shield blocks prespiral and postspiral radiation with dynamic diaphragms, ensuring that only a minimum and clinically essential radiation exposure occurs. The Care Dose4D software, which analyzes the individual cross-sectional anatomy in real time and adapts the emitted x-ray dose accordingly, also helps to reduce radiation exposure.