Siemens to develop ultrasound for the U.S. government
Siemens Healthcare has entered into an exclusive government contract with the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a Deep Bleeder Acoustic Coagulation cuff, a prototype ultrasound device limiting blood loss and shock resulting from combat limb injuries.

Partners at the University of Washington’s Center for Industrial and Medical Ultrasound in Seattle, Texas A&M University’s Institute for Preclinical Studies in College Station, Texas and Siemens Corporate Research will work together with Siemens to produce DARPA’s prototype in 18 months.

The cuff is designed to limit blood loss from penetrating wounds to limbs in fast and slow bleeders, reducing the risk of limb loss and death resulting from irreversible hemorrhagic shock, according to Siemens.

The company said that cnce applied to the limb, the silicon ultrasound technology within the cuff detects the location and severity of the bleeding within the limb. This triggers therapeutic ultrasound elements within the cuff to emit and focus energy toward the bleeding sites, speeding coagulation and halting bleeding at the injury site.

The device will be intended for use by minimally-trained operators, curtailing bleeding in a minimal amount of time with automatic treatment and power shut-off, Siemens said.