Siemens enhances its Somatom Emotion CT
Siemens Medical Solutions has enhanced its Somatom Emotion CT system. Now at a lower price point, the Emotion should be more accessible to smaller hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers, enabling them to produce high-quality CT images with a slice thickness as small as 0.5 mm and with accelerated image reconstruction times.
"With its fully revised Somatom Emotion, Siemens is providing cost-effective access to modern 16-slice computed tomography," said Scott Goodwin, vice president, Computed Tomography Division, Siemens Medical Solutions. "As a result, we assist in providing patient care that remains at a high level while keeping costs low - issues of major importance to healthcare today and tomorrow."
The compact Somatom Emotion fits in just 60 square feet and can be quickly installed. Its engineering (air-cooled and durable x-ray tube) and its minimal power requirements means the system can work reliably under demanding clinical schedules. The system also simplifies patient access and positioning, Siemens said.
The system has enhanced diagnostic functions like computer-aided detection (CAD), syngo WorkStream4D and syngo WebSpace. syngo Lung CAD helps radiologists render a diagnosis. The software automatically finds and marks potential pathology observed on CT scans. syngo Colonography, Siemens virtual colonoscopy software, offers the optional Polyp Enhanced Viewing, a tool designed to help identify potential polyps.
The new system also offers the syngo WorkStream4D for automatic image reconstruction. Also, with syngo WebSpace, Somatom Emotion users have an optional thin-client workstation that allows physicians to access images securely over the internet.