Siemens exec predicts impact of molecular-based medicine
“This is one of the most exciting times” in healthcare, said Janet Dillione of Siemens Medical Solutions, during her Monday morning session, “Future of Technology in Healthcare” at AHIMA’s 79th annual convention and exhibit in Philadlephia. “The United States is on the cusp of an IT-based transformation, but “it’s paramount that we get our arms around standards,” she said.

Dillione anticipates molecular-based medicine by 2020, which will change the diagnosis and treatment of disease. To get there, “IT has to support an integrated record and genomic screening.” We will go from using technology to scan for disease to using it to confirm health. Further advances will allow for more targeted therapies and monitoring which, in turn, will create an “enormously complex and data rich world,” Dillione said.

Paper records cost $1 million a year per 100 beds, she said. “We can’t manage molecular medicine with paper records. Electronic records are key to the future. They are the vehicle to provide knowledge-based decision support … and preventive, personalized and predictive medicine.”