Siemens extends Biosense alliance for AcuNav ultrasound catheter
Siemens Healthcare has extended its strategic alliance with Biosense Webster, a Johnson & Johnson company, by opening up its Acuson AcuNav ultrasound catheter for use on third-party ultrasound systems.

In 2006, the two companies formed an agreement giving Biosense the exclusive worldwide rights to distribute Siemens’ Acuson AcuNav ultrasound catheters, as well as a co-development of the technology in the future, according to Siemens.

BioSense said its AcuNav ultrasound catheter provides electrophysiologists and interventional cardiologists with real-time diagnostic ultrasound images and Doppler blood flow information from within the heart. Cleared for marketing in 1999, the intracardiac catheter is a cardiac imaging ultrasound catheter.

“We are pleased to open up the use of the Acuson AcuNav technology to other than our own ultrasound systems,” said Klaus Hambuchen, CEO of ultrasound at Siemens Medical Solutions USA. “This will enable healthcare providers to improve the quality of care for an increased number of patients by coupling their ultrasound equipment with advanced intracardiac echocardiography.”

Introducing an open standard for the use of ICE means that the technology is available for a growing cardiac patient population with the goal of making the Acuson AcuNav technology, Siemens said.