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Siemens Healthcare (Booth 2036) is highlighting a series of health IT solutions to aid in delivering information in the patient care cycle to help healthcare professionals make more informed decisions.

Soarian Clinicals offers a design that addresses the nature of patient care, which comes from Healthcare Process Management (HPM), and its performance and longevity for the future come from the Soarian service-oriented architecture (SOA). Powered by HPM, Soarian Clinicals utilizes a time-sensitive workflow engine and knowledge management framework. HPM combined with the Soarian SOA provides organizations to adapt to change when needed. Soarian Clinicals pushes tasks to worklists, presents clinicians with notifications of documented changes in the patient condition, sends reminders for next steps in the care plan and escalates incomplete or delayed processes.

Invision Clinicals, a healthcare information system that issues information flow to access information at the point of care, supports decision making and care delivery, hospital initiatives for reducing variance and standardization. It standardizes the collection and structure of clinical information and follows clinical practice with intuitive screen navigation.

MedSeries4 Clinical Suite is a health information system designed for community hospitals. MedSeries4 facilitates the drive toward computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and an EHR, making patient data available via an integrated web-based health information system. The solution supports the adoption of CPOE by helping physicians adapt to the computerized order-entry process. Patient data is accessible from any internet connection or wireless handheld device for the integrated view of patient information.

Soarian Financials is an IT solution designed for revenue-cycle management by helping manage costs through a patient-centric, workflow-driven approach. Soarian Financials embeds a contract engine and an enterprise-wide master person index (EMPI) into a revenue cycle solution. Soarian Financials combines the capabilities with upfront payor edits to help streamline an organization's processes. Soarian Financials can help healthcare organizations refine the registration process, reduce delays and denials, integrate payer rules and edits up front, increase point-of-service collections, generate accurate claims, reduce dependencies on third parties and patient billing.

Soarian HIM, a component of Soarian Enterprise Document Management, supports patient care initiatives through access to an online medical record. Patient data is virtual and paperless, so information is available at the point of need. The solution consolidates online record, deficiency analysis, chart completion, coding management, HIPAA disclosures, and information releases-combined into a storage infrastructure. Soarian HIM supports security and privacy with online records, allows remote access, including electronic physician sign-off, and is a component of electronic patient records.

Soarian Analytics/Decision Support supports the hospital's review and analysis of the quantitative outcomes of healthcare processes through the use of business intelligence and analytical tools. Data is collected from every part of the enterprise, and then transformed into measurable information with prebuilt reports and dashboards. Data analysis encompasses a review of clinical and financial areas such as accounts receivables, departmental profitability, orders, clinical results and observations, contract modeling, APC reporting and facility/entity reporting for a healthcare institution.

MedSeries4 Revenue Cycle Management Solutions, designed for community hospital organizations, provide support for prospective payment for rehabilitation and behavioral health services round out MedSeries4's revenue cycle capabilities. Collection of a patient's insurance and personal data during registration is necessary to receive provider reimbursement. MedSeries4 helps caregivers to identify data that must be collected prior to care.

Siemens Pharmacy can help hospitals automate, track and support quality assurance for the medication use process. Integrated with Siemens Med Administration Check, a barcode point-of-care solution designed to help automate, track, and support quality assurance for the medication use process, Siemens Pharmacy provides a common view of medication data among pharmacists and nurses.

Utilizing point-of-care barcode technology, Siemens