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Siemens Healthcare (Booth 922) is showcasing its advanced imaging solutions and 3D applications featuring syngo Colonography PEV and syngo TrueD.

syngo Colonography PEV (Polyp Enhanced Viewing) is an automated second reader tool for the visualization of lesions in the colon. When a specific PEV finding is selected, the tool automatically goes to the PEV-marked polyp in the 3D endoscopic and multi-planar reformation (MPR) views.

It helps detect polyp-shaped objects that are between 6 mm and 25 mm in size. In addition, automatic size measurement tools support accurate polyp measurement. syngo Colonography PEV can be used both in clean-prepped and solid-liquid tagged protocols. The product was developed using an extensive database of more than 1,700 CT colonography cases from more than 15 clinical sites worldwide. syngo Colonography PEV is available on the syngo MultiModality Workplace (MMWP), syngo CT Workplace and with syngo Imaging.

The latest version of syngo TrueD includes numerous workflow-enhancing features, such as user-configurable layouts and new volume of interest (VOI) trending analysis tools. Other main features are the simultaneous display of three distinct time-points, support for respiratory gated PET/CT studies, deformable registration, and saving DICOM RT structured objects for use with therapy planning systems. syngo TrueD is available on syngo MultiModality Workplace (MMWP) and with syngo Imaging.