Siemens Healthcare
Siemens Healthcare (Booth 922) is exhibiting its new technology in molecular CT, the Biograph mCT—which features a CT with molecular capabilities, a PET scanner with capabilities in CT, and an integrated imager that can be used to achieve collaboration and cooperation between diagnostic imaging specialties.

According to Siemens, the Biograph mCT is designed to obtain functional, anatomical and molecular information from one, noninvasive diagnostic exam, and adapts to virtually any patient and any clinical need with higher resolution, contrast and speed.

Clinicians using the system have the option of using high-resolution CT in conjunction with high-definition PET technology or as a standalone CT. Depending on the clinical case, molecular contrast can be used for additional metabolic information. In addition, the company says the Biograph mCT conducts a whole-body PET/CT scan in just five minutes.

The Biograph mCT features an extra-wide, 500-pound-capacity bed (227 kg), a 78-cm bore, and has a small footprint. The wide bed and bore size allows the system to accommodate a variety of patients—including pediatric, bariatric, and geriatric—and also can help to alleviate patients’ sense of claustrophobia. In addition, it allows for better positioning of radiation therapy planning devices, such as breast boards, and makes scanning of obese patients easier.

The Biograph mCT is available in detector configurations of 40-, 64-, and 128-slices, offers 2-mm uniform resolution throughout the field of view and the utilization of Siemens’ HD•PET technology delivers detailed images with up to four times as much contrast.