Siemens introduces new hemostasis products
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has launched its Innovance Antithrombin assay kit featuring all-liquid reagents and a human factor Xa substrate for the diagnosis of antithrombin deficiencies.

The chromogenic, automated Innovance Antithrombin test is designed for use on Siemens BCS/BCS XP and Sysmex CA-500 Series, CA-1500 and CA-7000 Systems.

Also, Siemens said its new Berichrom Heparin unfractionated and low molecular weight calibrators and controls now offer monitoring heparin with the Berichrom Heparin assay. Berichrom Heparin Calibrators and Controls are traceable to World Health Organization standards and are assigned calibration values that are consistent across Siemens BCS/BCS XP and Sysmex CA-500 series, CA-1500 and CA-7000 hemostasis systems. Siemens quality assurance program for heparin controls also enables customers to compare their control performance to that of their peers.