Siemens introduces new lithotripsy systems

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Siemens Medical Solutions today announced the launch of a new lithotripsy system for urology - the MODULARIS VarioStar. Siemens is introducing the system at the 24th Annual World Congress of Endourology, held August 17-20 in Cleveland.
VarioStar’s design is based on the MODULARIS platform and is designed to offer more capabilities in patient positioning and treatment, as well as new ergonomic features for clinicians, Siemens said.
The MODULARIS VarioStar therapy is designed with a head that can be moved into undertable and overtable positions, and also to provide a high degree of angulation freedom for conventional and case-specific stone treatment. A rotating therapy head was included in this design plan to allow for the disintegration of ureter stones as the patient lies in a comfortable supine position.
The company’s hope is also to boost efficiency, and thus VarioStar includes shockwave system Cplus which Siemens said should speed up procedures. Moreover, a special alignment control was integrated into the therapy head, in order to monitor the relative position of the lithotripsy module to the C-arm. In case of a misalignment, an optical or audible signal was designed to warn the operator to interrupt treatment, the company said.
Siemens said that VarioStar was developed to be combined with the majority of Siemens' mobile C-arms and to be controlled by a central hand control, including motorized stone localization.
The MODULARIS platform also offers different configurations for a full range of urological applications to meet individual requirements and budgets. When configuring MODULARIS, medical facilities will be able to choose from two lithotripsy modules: MODULARIS VarioStar, with flexible therapy positions, and LITHOSTAR MODULARIS Vario, economical version for undertable treatments, Siemens said.