Siemens launches healthcare project in China
Siemens has just launched a $10 million, five-year project to achieve sustainable improvements in healthcare in rural areas of China. The project is a Siemens contribution to the Clinton Global Initiative to support poorer regions in threshold countries.

The project aims to give people in rural regions of China better access to high-quality healthcare. Siemens will focus on developing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of local healthcare organizations. The company will initially outfit a number of pilot hospitals with diagnostic equipment, beginning with the first facility in Luochuan County in Yan'an, in the Shaanxi Province. This equipment will include ultrasound and x-ray systems as well as computed tomography imaging systems. Not far away from each rural hospital, Siemens will equip six urban health centers with x-ray and ultrasound systems. Siemens will maintain the technical infrastructure once it is in place.

The project, headed by China's Ministry of Health, is part of the Clinton Global Initiative, which brings together key figures from politics and business to jointly tackle challenges faced by societies.

"All people, regardless of their status or origin, should have access to high-quality healthcare. This is an important prerequisite for a peaceful and just society. We are especially pleased when leading companies like Siemens provide their competence for such efforts," said Zhang Huaixi, vice chairman of the Chinese People's Consultative Conference.

"Participation in the Clinton Global Initiative underscores Siemens' efforts and commitment to give people worldwide access to better healthcare," stated Dr. Richard Hausmann, president and CEO of Siemens China.