Siemens to make radiopharmaceuticals at India plants
Siemens is finalizing plans to establish its first radiopharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Chennai, India, with plans to roll out four to five additional production facilities in the next two years.

The facilities will produce and supply radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals that have PET/CT scan facilities. Siemens is finalizing locations of the plants and has initiated the approval process from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, the Economic Times (ET) reported. 

“Since radiopharmaceuticals tend to lose their potency very rapidly, we need to make them closer to the hospitals. We plan to set up at least one facility in each geographical region,” chief of Siemens Medical Solutions India, D. Ragavan, told the ET.

Ragavan said the investment on each of its radiopharma facilities will be around $3 million to $4 million. ET reported that Siemens will initially manufacture FDG in these facilities. “But they will have capacity to manufacture other radiopharma products used in Alzheimer’s disease, stem cell and cardiac treatment which are under global clinical trials,” Ragavan added.