Siemens rolls out new 3T open-bore system
Siemens Medical Solutions yesterday in New York City unveiled a new paradigm for high-field MRI—the 3T short-bore Magnetom Verio system that combines 3T, a 70cm magnet bore and Siemens’ total imaging matrix (Tim) technology that through coil auto-select seeks to automate imaging, minimize variables, increase accuracy and resolution and reduce overall scan time.

“For the first time, Siemens combines the field strength of 3 Tesla with a magnet bore of 70 centimeters. This is an enormous improvement for patients who have, for example, felt uncomfortable with the confined space during the examination,” said Walter Märzendorfer, head of the MR Division at Siemens.

Siemens bills the Magnetom Verio as the shortest 3T unit on the market, with a pricepoint competitive with the current market. The new design particularly meets the needs of scanning obese (up to 550 pounds) and claustrophobic patients, or in some cases, makes an examination possible to do since issues of patient size and anxiety are solved. The system also can accommodate patients with special needs such as pain and mobility issues, respiratory problems and kyphosis—as well as children, ICU patients and those dependent on medical equipment. The system’s flexibility also allows better access to patients for image-guided biopsies and the ability to perform kinematic studies. Physicians at the launch yesterday shared a variety of patient cases illustrating system flexibility and excellent image quality despite a variety of scanning limitations.

Tim technology on Verio allows users to choose exams, rather than coils. In all, the system has up to 102 seamlessly integrated matrix coils elements and up to 32 independent RF channels combined to create a Total imaging matrix. The matrix scales to the anatomy being scanned and individual patient size, enabling precision in single organ or whole-body exams from 5 mm to 196 cm field of view. The system also can be used with a host of syngo MR applications for brain, kidney, venous, orthopedic, pelvis, spine, abdominal and body imaging, such as syngo SWI, syngo GRAPPA, syngo BLADE, syngo SPACE and syngo TWIST.

The Magnetom Verio can be sited in the same footprint as a 1.5T scanner, having a magnet weight of 6 tons and system length of 173 cm. A dedicated equipment room is not needed. The stray field is 4.7 m by 2.6 m and gradient power 45m/T/ at 200mT/m/s with up to FoV 50 cm.

Installations will begin early next year, with regular deliveries commencing in mid-2008, according to Siemens. The first unit was installed at the University of Munich-Grosshaden in Germany last week.