Siemens to ship 44 medical imaging systems to new South Korean hospital
The new Pusan National University Hospital in Yangsan, South Korea, will shortly receive 44 medical systems from Siemens Healthcare, in a deal that is valued at $20 million. The hospital also contracted with Siemens for maintenance and constant remote monitoring of the systems.  

Plans are being made to boost medical care in and around Pusan, the second largest city in Korea with 3.7 million inhabitants. Pusan National University Hospital (PNUH) is building an additional hospital in Yangsan, a nearby city under development.

In the new hospital complex, Siemens said it will supply the departments of radiology, nuclear medicine, oncology, cardiology and emergency care unit with a total of 44 medical systems. The order includes MRI, CT systems, angiography, x-ray and fluoroscopy systems, as well as ultrasound units and systems for nuclear medicine and mammography.

PNUH Yangsan will offer more than 1,700 beds and comprise seven specialist hospitals, including a university hospital, a children's hospital, a dental hospital, a hospital for oriental medicine and a pre-medicine school. Some subsections will already be prepared to admit patients in November. Planning calls for the entire hospital complex to open in 2011, according to the company.