Siemens shows latest in Hemo/EP recording tool
At American College of Cardiology (ACC) 2007 in New Orleans, Siemens Medical introduced its AXIOM Sensis XP - a next generation of integrated recording designed to increase procedural efficiency in the cath lab.

"The cath lab is one of the most crucial points of intervention in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease; and as the baby boomer population ages, demand for cath lab services is projected to skyrocket," said Claus Grill, vice president, angiography, fluoroscopy and radiography systems, Siemens Medical Solutions. "To meet the demand - and to continue to provide high-quality health care - physicians and administrators must have the necessary tools to help them optimize workflow. The latest generation of the AXIOM Sensis XP can help them make these efficiencies a reality."

AXIOM Sensis XP combines recording capabilities for both hemodynamics and electrophysiology, different from conventional cath lab recording functions, to increase efficiency in the collection of patient data acquired before, during and after a cath lab examination.