Siemens upgrades syngo WebSpace
Siemens has released enhancements to its syngo WebSpace, which turns office personal computers (PCs) and laptops into CT workplaces, at the 2008 HIMSS conference.

The company said its syngo WebSpace represents a client-server solution for CT applications and offers real-time access to CT data at a doctor's office or home, and on the road through a network connection.

The latest enhancements to syngo WebSpace features Advanced Vessel Analysis, which includes a refined vessel segmentation algorithm, centerline editing capability, guided workflow (fewer steps), automated measurement tools (true/false lumen, stent planning) and improved reporting tools, according to Siemens.

Another addition to syngo WebSpace is a 2D viewing card, located within InSpace 4D, that supports all DICOM images, CT, MR, angiography, fluoroscopy and radiographic systems, secondary capture, and multiple 2D tools which can be used when a PACS is not available, the company said.