Signalife eyes sale of technology sector to foreign investors
Signalife, a life sciences company focused on the monitoring, detection and prevention of disease, has received several formal purchase and financial commitments with respect to acquisitions of its technology licenses, devices and services. 

The offers have come internationally, including in Japan, other parts of Asia and Europe, as well as domestically.

“I anticipate closing these transactions in the upcoming two to four weeks, which comprise significant business for the company,” said Lowell Harmisson, MD, president, CEO and COO at Signalife. 

“With the experiential base developed during my tenure regarding the ECG data generated from the usage of our technologies -- not only by healthcare providers but also through numerous Athletes for Life-sponsored mobile healthcare screenings – there are now numerous additional revenue streams that have naturally become available to the company,” Harmisson said. 

“Indeed, physicians have provided me with a variety of data and information following very successful screenings this past weekend on the Athletes for Life Mobile Health Center in Temecula, California.  With this kind of data garnered from real patients in the field, the foundation for the expansion of our life-saving devices becomes stronger every day,” he added.

The Los Angeles-based Signalife did not reveal the exact amount of business contemplated by the developments, and it cautioned that there is no certainty that any of the transactions will close as contemplated, if at all.