SNM tech group re-launches education fund
The Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section (SNMTS) has re-launched its Professional Development and Education Fund (PDEF), which was created in 2001, and aims to support the advancement of molecular and nuclear medicine technologists through professional development that promotes clinical excellence and optimal patient outcomes.

With the new strategy, the PDEF will expand beyond providing continuing education and certification opportunities to creating a complete program for funding professional development opportunities.

“With critical developments in functional imaging and the methods and practice of nuclear medicine, technologists are in need of new skill sets and educational models to advance their careers,” said Ann Marie Alessi, BS, CNMT, RT, president of SNMTS.

The PDEF offers a forum in which corporate entities, academic institutions—and now individuals—can contribute financial support to technologist-related programs and activities. PDEF programs contribute to research and a more knowledgeable technologist workforce.

Over the past ten years, the PDEF has enabled the SNMTS to offer various scholarships and grant programs, including:
  • Mickey Williams Minority Scholarship Fund;
  • Travel awards for students to SNM’s annual meeting;
  • Professional development scholarships;
  • Research grants; and
  • SNMTS Leadership Academy.