SNM urges Congress to fund nuclear medicine research
SNM has taken out a full-page, color ad in Roll Call urging Congress to fund basic nuclear medicine research.

“In using its resources, SNM has chosen this ad—with its frank message—to remind Congress of the losses U.S. healthcare will face if $20 million in funding is not restored explicitly for nuclear medicine research in the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science budget for fiscal year 2008 and beyond,” according to Alexander McEwan, SNM president.

The advertisement read, “Congress: Don't turn your back on future discoveries. Support DOE funding for nuclear medicine research,” and pictured a group of scientists walking away. 

The ad notes the support of the National Academy of Sciences, which has determined that the DOE funding cuts would destabilize U.S. leadership in nuclear medicine and compromise its ability to develop new diagnostic tests and future personalized therapies.

Congress began funding nuclear medicine research with the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, and funding was continued for a half century, until it was drastically cut in the fiscal year 2006 budget. Congress is now preparing to finalize the fiscal year 2008 appropriations for DOE and restore that funding, Peter Conti, chair of SNM’s government relations committee, explained.