SonoSite launches women health ultrasound
SonoSite, a provider of hand-carried ultrasound for the point-of-care, has introduced its S-Women’s Health ultrasound system.

The Bothell, Wash.-based company said the newest product in its SonoSite’s S Series product line is a solution to allow women’s health clinicians to provide care in the patient exam room. It joins the M-OB/Gyn Office and the S-Gyn ultrasound tools as part of SonoSite’s suite of products for women’s health.

The S-Women’s Health ultrasound is designed with women’s health clinicians in mind, according to the company. Buttons, dials and menus have been eliminated from the interface, with the exception of two controls—depth and gain. SonoSite said its technologies, SonoHD and SonoMB, are incorporated.