SONY new dual-tray filmstation imager
Sony Electronics unveiled at RSNA 2006 in Chicago its new dual-tray FilmStation dry film imager, which supports 8 x 10, 10 x 12, and 11 x 14inch film in a second media tray, complementing its native 14- by 17-inch film capability.

The UP-DF550 model same capabilities and features as the company’s original FilmStation imager, but with an expanded range of film sizes.

The imager delivers high-resolution images in 4,096 shades of gray, with considerable optical density, with the help of its thermal print head and blue thermal film specifically engineered for the system

The imager also reduces space requirements by enabling both vertical and horizontal positioning.  If desired, it can stand upright directly under a desktop, or alongside a workstation where it also supports distributed workflow and eliminates time-consuming travel to and from a central imager.

The new model’s automatic calibration feature provides consistent image quality, regardless of film size selected, while easy access to manual settings allows fine-tuning.

Sony also showcased a range of peripherals joining its lineup, including the DVO-1000MD medical-grade DVD recorder, which employs MPEG-2 video compression to capture images with exceptional clarity.

As for wireless technologies, the company now offers its Sony VAIO hand-held micro PC, with built-in WWLAN connectivity for instant access to patient data, reports, schedules and email, as well as the LocationFree display, which enables users to view reference-quality radiology exams and other video content, as tools for reference and educational purposes.