Sorna demonstrates transfer of DICOM images and reports to Apple iPOD
Sorna at RSNA 2006 introduced the Sorna Reviewer and showed how the advanced application can transfer DICOM images and reports to a number of external devices, such as an Apple iPOD.
The Sorna Reviewer software is designed to automate and expedite the process of importing patient data and diagnostic images from any DICOM source. The new software contains both manual and automated tools for the efficient patient re-identification and accurate importing of outside data into a PACS. Fully IHE PDI Portable Media Importer Actor conformant, the Sorna Reviewer enables users to extract DICOM data from a DISC and transfer it to the user’s or DICOM archive. It also conforms to the IHE PDI Image Display and Report Reader Actors with its ability to display medical images and structured reports. An interface to the IHE Import Reconciliation Workflow (IRWF) profile will be offered as an option as soon as the standard is finalized by the IHE, Sorna said.

Sorna said the Reviewer also conforms to the IHE PDI Portable Media Creator Actor. It can create CDs and DVDs on a PC’s CD or DVD recorder running Windows XP. It also supports the Elesys Duet drive that allows users to make DISCs and print professional labels directly on them.
Because the Reviewer can communicate with any DICOM storage device, information can be easily transferred to a number of external devices, such as DICOM, CD/DVD burners, network attached drives, memory sticks and an Apple iPOD. Sorna demonstrated the latter at the show. From a PC running Windows XP using Sorna’s new Reviewer software, Sorna showed how it was possible to transfer diagnostic images and reports to an Apple iPOD. According to Sorna, the Reviewer has the ability to write both JPEG and DICOM files of diagnostic images, 3D visualizations, reports and other medical data to an Apple iPOD. The users then have the option to transfer the data to another DICOM device, or to synchronize it with their iTunes media library.
In addition, Sorna featured eXpedo’s new built-in DISC Importer that can be installed on any PC in the network. The application makes it efficient and easy to import the contents of CDs or DVDs originating from unaffiliated medical centers.