Sorna shows off 'smart' CD burners
Sorna used the SIIM meeting in Providence, R.I., in early June to showcase new standalone software dubbed Reviewer that features the ability to download images to an Apple iPod. The software has been designed to simplify, automate, and expedite the process of importing diagnostic images and reports from DICOM CDs and DVDs, other DICOM sources, and non-DICOM CDs produced by Amicas’ PACS. The Reviewer — which will be available for sale during the first week of July — contains both manual and automated tools for efficient patient re-identification and accurate importing of outside data into a PACS.

Sorna also demonstrated its eXpedo DICOM CD/DVD publishing system, release 2.4, which features an enhanced user interface. Four different levels of of the system allow manual CD burning, a burner/viewer with export, import, export and view reports for the veterinary market as well as a full-blown DICOM archive that can serve as a "mini" PACS. For more information, visit