SourceCorp Radiology, NDMA partner for patient care
National Digital Medical Archive (NDMA) and SourceCorp Radiology have partnered to streamline the delivery of health information captured from analog and digital images through the NDMA Clinical Intelligence Platform (CIP).

“This service offering addresses several health record management issues currently facing hospitals today, such as collecting paper-based information from multiple departments and facilities to create a single and integrated health record, and finding a record in a timely fashion once it has been filed away,” noted Derek Danois, CEO of Philadelphia-based NDMA. “By combining our core competencies, we will help hospitals and integrated delivery networks overcome these challenges,” he added.

SourceCorp said it will assist with the transition from analog to digital as part of the service offering to help hospitals better track, understand, and manage their clinical business operations through the NDMA CIP.

NDMA’s CIP aggregates, analyzes and reports on data contained within and across unaffiliated healthcare enterprises, and then helps providers make more informed evidence-based decisions, according to the Dallas-based SourceCorp.