Specialty-Optimized Clinical Information Systems
Each medical specialty has an array of unique information needs and data types not represented in standard EMRs. This education session will illustrate the diversity of process workflow, analytic requirements and available tools.

Speaker Information:

John H. Varga, MD, MHSA, CPHIMS, PMP, FHIMSS, Physician Informaticist, Veterans Health Administration, Washington, DC

Raymond D. Aller, MD, FHIMSS, FCAP, FACMI, director of automated disease surveillance at the University of Southern California.

  • Enumerate distinguishing informatics characteristics of at least three medical specialties;
  • Demonstrate how graphic-creation tools can be attached to existing standard EMR systems, using creation of handwritten diagrams as an example;
  • Describe how to obtain contact information for software suppliers focusing on key specialty areas in medical practice;
  • Describe how specialty EMR systems might be integrated into enterprise EHRs; and
  • Suggest methods to engage hospital, group leadership and vendors in addressing specialty workflow and EMR system needs.