Spotlight: IDC CEO says industry focus on bottom line fuels DR growth
M. Thomas Boon, CEO and president of Imaging Dynamics Company (IDC), told Health Imaging News that the company plans to further expand IDC’s global position in hospitals, clinics and outpatient centers.

As the industry continues to respond to the effects of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, IDC has successfully leveraged the financial benefits of its DR technology. Customers are more sensitive than ever about purchase price and are more careful to evaluate the relative value of different technologies.

Compared to DR flat panel, Boon said that IDC’s acquisition technology for optically coupled DR capture systems, offers considerable cost advantage.

“Not only is the acquisition cost competitive with CR, but our modular technology allows customers to retrofit so they can make use of their existing investment. Also, long-term cost of ownership is reduced by allowing customers to upgrade their technology, without having to replace the entire system,” Boon said.

It is becoming increasingly imperative to articulate the overall return on investment to the customer, he said. “Our value proposition favors us in the United States, with the impact of the DRA, and the additional reductions on reimbursement and capital purchase decisions in 2008,” Boon adds.

With a current robust intellectual property portfolio, Boon said that IDC heavily emphasizes technology innovation. “Long term, we’ll look at expanding our core competencies to other modalities and identify the best ways to commercialize recent patents, such as dual energy,” he said.

Boon added that the company plans to continue to expand its distribution reach to firmly set the company’s “global footprint,” particularly within Latin America and Asia Pacific.

“I anticipate that we will see more and higher potential growth outside of the domestic market of United States and Canada,” Boon noted.

Boon joined the company in February 2008.