St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare has big success with EHR

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California-based St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare (SJHH) recently celebrated its one-millionth electronic prescription, an achievement made possible through the e-prescription tool that is part of TouchWorks Electronic Health Record (EHR) from Allscripts. The organization installed the system in 2003.

St. Jude Heritage Medical Group and St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group work under the same umbrella of SJHH.  Physicians in both groups generate about 3,300 electronic prescriptions per day and more than 72,000 per month.  
SJHH has also highlighted patient safety as another huge benefit of the EHR. In 2004, the drug Vioxx was recalled. Using the EHR, physicians were able to immediately get a list of the patient names to contact them about the FDA recall.  
"Without this technology, it would have been next to impossible to sift through tens of thousands of charts to find that information," said Kevin Manemann, Director of the ambulatory electronic medical record at St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare, in a release.