St. Jude introduces new steerable guidewire to U.S. market
St. Jude Medical has launched its TigerWire steerable guidewire in the U.S.

The newest member of the St. Jude Medical GuideRight family of steerable guidewires, the TigerWire steerable guidewire is designed to enhance physicians’ ability to steer through challenging peripheral arteries, the vessels that supply blood to the legs and arms, according to the St. Paul, Minn.-based company.

The company said its TigerWire guidewire’s tip is designed with enhanced flexibility to aid in navigation through the vessels, and its supportive design provides distinct zones of flexibility that make it easier for physicians to track and position the guidewire.

“The TigerWire steerable guidewire has been engineered for improved steerability,” said Frank Callaghan, president of the St. Jude Medical cardiovascular division. “It gives physicians a tool that can ease access to difficult-to-reach vessels when performing complex diagnostic and interventional procedures.”