Standing Stone to assist hospital to meet accreditation requirements
Dec. 6 – Standing Stone, a disease state management solutions company, has announced that its CoagClinic software will allow hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities to meet new Joint Commission 3E requirements for inpatient and outpatient anti-coagulation therapy management, effective January 1, 2008.

The Westport, Conn.-based Standing Stone said an impact study by Mark Wurster, MD, clinical assistant professor of internal medicine at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, concluded that anti-coagulation therapy management systems which combine point-of-service (POS) testing with computerized decision support (CDS), such as CoagClinic, benefited both patients and care facilities as follows:     
  • Reduced adverse events by 89 percent due to improved patient follow-up;
  • Increased International Normalized Ratio compliance to 62 percent vs. 38 percent compliance with traditional monitoring; and
  • Reduced total costs of therapy-related complications from $336,000 with monitoring to $260 with POS/CDS systems.
The company said its CoagClinic offers a web-based approach to the management and documentation of anti-coagulation therapy.