Star Trek: HIMSS membership capable of bold future
A Captain James T. Kirk character opened HIMSS07 in New Orleans this morning—helping attendees envision the future of healthcare and encouraging them to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”

H. Stephen Lieber, CAE, president and CEO of HIMSS, said quality and patient safety are the pressing needs and results of HIT. He cited Indiana Heart Hospital, which reduced its error rate by 85 percent after going paperless.

However, “we’re driving the highway faster than the pavement is being laid,” he said. “We need standards,” which are “fundamental to our abilities to build and afford interconnected systems.”

With those standards and increasing use of HIT comes a need to ensure privacy. That and other developments could impact antitrust, IRS and state laws, Lieber said.

“We are an industry full of creative tension,” he said. “We are well-positioned by the energy, competency and dialog of our membership. We need continuous crafting of HIT standards and systems to create the right kind of infrastructure. We are quite capable to address this challenge.”