StorageTek introduces LFCM 100

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StorageTek this week introduced Lifecycle Fixed Content Manager (LFCM) 100 that helps healthcare organizations address storage and archival needs for fixed content data and adhere to stringent government and federally-mandated compliance requirements.  
LFCM 100 is designed for the long-term storage and preservation of archive data, StorageTek said. The platform provides healthcare organizations with secure, reliable data storage that is easy to manage. The technology is designed to prevent the alteration or deletion of data for as long as needed, StorageTek said.  
LFCM 100 will work with most content management software applications, including all leading email archival systems. The WORM disk compliance system is available to U.S. customers. With a starting list price of approximately $74,000 for a 2.3 terabyte (TB) system, LFCM 100 can write up to 8 MB/sec per access node for hundreds of files per second and rebuild 1TB in approximately six hours, StorageTek said.
StorageTek's fixed content, compliance system provides benefits such as, SEC 17a-4 compliance; industry standard file interfaces; fast access; investment protection; and ease-of-administration.