Study: Doctors go digital with in-office MRI and digital radiography equipment
IMV’s newly released report demonstrated that U.S. orthopedic specialists want in-office MRI and digital radiography equipment to gain “remote access to imaging results, to better manage large volumes of imaging data, and ultimately to provide more accurate patient diagnoses,” said Mary C. Patton, director, Market Research at IMV Medical Information Division.

The survey, Present Practices & Future Directions in Orthopedic Imaging: The Orthopedists’ Perspective 2007, investigated how many orthopedic practices and multi-specialty practices have purchased specific diagnostic imaging modalities for use within their practices, as well as the specific types of diagnostic imaging equipment they plan to add to their practices within the next three years. Orthopedists’ responses showed that 12 percent own digital radiography equipment, but almost one-third of them expect to purchase or lease digital radiography equipment within the next three years. Nearly 20 percent said that their practices intend to buy extremity MRI equipment within the next three years.

The report involved 225 orthopedists from private orthopedic and multi-specialty practices located throughout the United States. The goal was to explore preferences in imaging modalities for specific musculoskeletal, trauma, and spinal conditions, as well as for pre-operative planning, intra-operative imaging, and post-operative follow-up.